Westin Chicago North Shore, IL
October 8-10th, 2017

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Westin Chicago North Shore, IL
October 8-10th


“A well-organized event chosen to be hosted in a cost effect region. I appreciated the strong IT leadership presence among the participant peers. These were valuable during the networking segments. I also appreciated the time allocated to have intimate conversations with IT product and service providers.”

Amit Shrimavle, Chief Operating Officer, Risk Operations and Remediation Organization, AIG


“The 2014 CIO Visions Summit in Schaumburg, IL was a great experience. This conference connected many thought-leaders and experts in various fields. It was an encouraging experience to be a part of this collaborative atmosphere.”

Fara Francis, CIO AGC of America


“A great experience, with lots of though provoking insight.”

Barry Dieser, Director of Information Technology Signicast LLC


“The 2014 Spring CIO Visions Summit in Chicago was the second CIO Visions event I have attended. The Quartz team keeps raising their own bar regarding quality of the event, educational program, and the venue. The educational program includes various viewpoints and experiences and provides unique opportunities for Q&A among peers. The networking opportunities are many and the venue and event facilitate quality relationship building.”

Dirk Garner, Director, Data Services Macys.com


“We loved the entire event! And Thanks to you, for perfectly planned agenda. The planning of events, vendors, booths , details and services presented was awesome.  Some of it helped us to identify the right players in IT Space. Thanks!

Vamshi Muppidi, Director Risk Analytics, AIG


“The conference and meetings were valuable and informative.”

Kevin Fellows, Executive Director Enterprise Architecture, Guest Technology MGM Resorts International


“I was able to hear about topics of interest and meet with solution providers in areas where we have not yet begun to focus. I learned a lot and gained many new ideas.”

Tom Remakel, VP of Information Management Services Metropolitan Family Services


“The CIO Visions Summit provided me a opportunity to hear from other thought leaders in the IT area, suppliers both old and new to myself, and an opportunity to meet and network with other IT executives. The Summit was well worth the time.”

Lee Abner, Director of Technology Services CIBM Bank


“If you are looking for an intimate setting of knowledgeable IT Leaders, Vendors, at a superb venue and a very reasonable cost -- this is it!”

 Micahel LaChance, Principal Wheelhouse-LLC


“This is a great opportunity to learn about products and services from industry partners in a face to face environment without high pressure sales tactics”

  Scott Edgerton, Chief Software Architect General Dynamics

“The Quartz Model that is used for midTECH and the CIO Visions is far beyond that of all the other events out there.  It creates a venue that truly brings value to both the attendee and the sponsor in a unique and strategic environment where the 1on1 meetings truly address the areas I need to explore.  There is nothing else out there that can compare to their model and service.  It’s these events that both the IT leaders and IT Partners NEED to mark on their calendar in advance to attend.”

Arell Chapman, SVP of Operations & CIO, Monarch Community Bank


“The event was FANTASTIC!! I’ve been in this field for well over 17 years and have attended many trade shows and conferences. MidTECH truly gets it and I really did actually meet vendor’s who are exactly what we were looking for. Definitely not a waste of time and far better than every other event/tradeshow out there”

Esteban J. Deleon, Sc.D. Chief Technology Officer, American Society of Clinical Oncology


“This was the first time I attended one of Quartz’s summits. The conference was very well organized. I am surprised with the wealth of information I was able to take home. As leaders of organizations we do not have the luxury of attending many conferences. Time is very precious and choosing the best events to attend is often difficult. The vendor meetings, sessions and social events all delivered on value for the time invested. I am looking forward to investing my time in these sessions going forward. Appreciate you making our leadership team part of the planning process. Looking forward to working with you.”

Seshu Vuppalapati, Enterprise Architect, Navistar


“The Summit was far and above any expectation that I had prior to attending. I expected hard sales pitches from the vendors, it was quite the opposite, I got to spend one on one time with their experts to discuss if their solutions would be a fit for my company. Well worth the time invested.”

Timothy Hawkins, IT Director, Foam Design


“This is one of the best venues I've attended for networking and vendor awareness, especially targeted to our needs.”

Michael Green,  VP & CIO, Lipscomb University


“This was the first Summit I attended. The venue was good and I definitely liked the pre-booked appointments with vendors which gave vendors a fair chance to talk about their products in a reasonable time-frame a typical trade-show mentality which doesn't necessarily benefit parties on both sides of the aisle.”

Sencer Tasan, SVP & CSO, Data Center Inc.


“midTECH summit is an excellent conference for busy executives who wants the best use of their time, money and resources under current economic climate.”

Andaz Ahmad, Director of Media Services of IT, Ivy Tech Community College


“I found the conference to be of particular value since I could meet and qualify a number of current and potential suppliers in a short period of time to explore new possibilities for my company. The education sessions were exceptional and the conference gave me an opportunity to take some time to think strategically about my operations.”

Dave Leannah, IT Director, Dorner MFG Corp.


“The midTECH Summit was far and above any expectation that I had prior to attending. I expected hard sales pitches from the vendors, it was quite the opposite, I got to spend one on one time with their experts to discuss if their solutions would be a fit for my company. Well worth the time invested.”

Tim Hawkins, IT Director, Foam Design Inc


 “I have always been somewhat outspoken about the potential value of us mid-market organizations. As an attendee and speaker of this year’s MidTECH summit, I have gained tremendous insight into what my colleagues and peers are facing, while at the same time understanding what some of the potential vendors are able to offer as solution sets. MidTECH was an extremely worthwhile summit and is one that both CIOs and Vendors should mark on their calendars in advance.”

Sam Lamonica, CIO, Rosendin Electric


 “This was my first midTECH Summit and will not be my last. I was surprised by how much valuable information I took away from the summit. Time is very precious and choosing the best events to attend is often difficult. The meetings, sessions, and social functions all delivered on value for the time invested. I am looking forward to becoming more involved in the planning process for future summits as I definitely see this as time well spent.”

Andrew Goodwin, VP & CIO, Georgia Hospital Association


“Kudos MidTeCH conference. I loved it and will tell all my friends in the business. It really was exceptional. The conference was awesome and wonderfully executed.”

Mugunth Vaithylingam, CIO, College of Southern Nevada


“Throughout the year, I'm busy executing on my IT/Business strategy and find little time to meet with new vendors or look at things that aren't part of my current agenda. By taking the 2 days and committing the time, this Summit gives me the opportunity to focus on some new opportunities/offerings and potentially strategic solutions that I can leverage going forward.”

Michael Kuehn, VP of IT, Ipsos


“I truly enjoyed the MidTech Summit. It is probably the best of its kind that I've attended. The quality of the speakers was excellent. The topics were very relevant to what concerns me as a CIO. This is the first conference I didn't want to skip any of the sessions. There were many opportunities to network with peers. I found valuable the one on one interactions with the vendors, in particular with vendors I hadn't heard of before. The time given was sufficient for me to get a good idea of their products and services without it being too overwhelming. I tend to ignore cold calls, unsolicited emails, and I don't usually spend much time talking to the vendors I don't know of at traditional trade shows. This format gave me the opportunity to have a good conversation with at least 3 vendors I was not previously familiar with and that now I intend to look more in depth into their products. The organization and venue were also excellent, the hotel, food, and facilities were very enjoyable.”

Dr. Alma Barranco-Mendoza, CIO, Trinity University


“This being my first experience with this midTech Summit, I can now strongly recommend that this was very worth my while and will return again. The vendor focus was beneficial and enabled strategic understanding and planning. It was a learning experience every step of the way, from the vendors, from the presenters and from the good cross section of other talented peers. Keep it up!!!! See ya next time.”

Robert Ross, CSO, Data Center Inc.


“This conference was the most effective use of my time, bar none! At other conferences, it may take 30 to 40 minutes of standing around, waiting on vendors, talking to initial sales staff, before I finally get to someone knowledgeable and can speak at an executive level... not too techy, not too much of a sales pitch. Just the facts. The 25 minute dedicated slots to meet with relevant vendors that already knew my priorities and projects for the year were extremely valuable. They could have been a little longer in some cases. Thank you for a great concept and an even greater conference.”

Bob Matney, CIO, North Central State College


“Great opportunity to explore and compare solutions to a multitude of needs, coupled with a premium networking venue.”

Bob Laret, CFO, All Access Apparel Inc.


 “The Mid-Tech IT Summit was the best trade show I have ever attended. It was extremely well-organized and focused, allowing me to maximize my time with vendors, participate in the educational sessions and walk away with solutions that directly impact my business.”

Paul Jacques, VP & CIO, American Film Institute


“ The Midtech Summit 2011 was the most relevant meeting for me in 2011. In a brief amount of time I was able to review best practices and discuss the latest technologies. Meeting the vendors one on one during scheduled time slots throughout the day make so much sense. It allowed me to determine the best way to work the event. The format lends itself to getting things done, making connections, and getting answers all in a short amount of time. Well done, I will be back.”

Mike Kennedy, VP of IT, Morris  Architects


 “The thought leadership and insights I gained during the sessions from technology professionals in similar situations to mine were extremely helpful and the ideas presented can be put into our roadmap immediately.”

Doug Feltman, director of IT, 24 Seven, Inc.


 “MidTECH provides an excellent means to receive valuable ideas, supplier interaction and superior networking all in a tight knit, time efficient package...”

Jeff Crawford, VP of IT, Healthcare waste Solutions, Inc.


“Very efficient use of time. It would have taken months to find and attend the same vendor meetings and educational sessions.

The layout provides a great opportunity to explore vendor technologies in a brief efficient manner without having to spend hours doing research and hours in meetings. If there is a match you can follow-up post conference.”

Matt Mower, VP & CIO, PLCU

“The one-on-one meetings with vendors and to-the-point keynote speeches were not only eye-opening to new technologies, but very motivational and encouraging. I know that I will have a different outlook on my position after attending midTECH.”

Alan Barnes, Director of IT, National Distributers


“The Summit's approach to strategically aligning the CIOs with potential customers is unmatched. It is refreshing to sit down with relevant suppliers that are already familiar with my current projects. A perfect blend of peer interaction and technology partner evaluation. This is one event that I feel all CIOs and IT providers should schedule well in advance.”

Gene Rindels, CIO, DitchWitch

“To have the ability to network with my peers in a private environment, where only our selected IT providers are able to attend makes midTECH’s model truly unique. I have yet to experience their strategic approach anywhere else.”

Sam Lamonica, CIO, Rosendin Electric

"Having 14 1x1 meetings in one day with decisions makers was certainly a first in my 6 years of outside sales. I have presented to groups of100 but never sat down and share problems and opportunities with people who can actually buy something."

Kirk Kelton, VMWare

"The conference provided an excellent forum for us to meet and interact with the leaders in enterprise organizations who are actively looking to adopt new technologies that drive business growth. The format of scheduled meetings wit hIT leaders based on technology and solution interest enabled us to have meaningful conversations that you rarely have at a tradeshow."

Melodye Mueller VP Marketing NaviSite - A Time Warner Cable Company

"This was my first time attending. The venue offered an opportunity to sit face-to-face with target clients... In a setting that was comfortable yet professional. What a difference it makes to have potential clients schedule time to meet with vendors; rather than just a stop by a booth. Very unconventional, but successful!"

Symantec Sales Rep

"These summits are the best conference time I invest each year. The networking is very productive and provides relationships I leverage throughout the year."

Mike Booke, CIO, Capital Safety Group

"These CIO summits are by far one of the most informative events I have ever attended. The quality of presentations, venue, diversity of attendees and most importantly rich conversations about mid-market IT issues have created most unique and enjoyable professional exchange experience for me and many of my colleagues. I highly recommend anyone in the IT leadership role in a mid-size organization to attend."

Rafail Portnoy, VP of IT, Safe Horizon

“The vendor 1on1 meetings were especially strategic and helpful--All ten vendors I met with will be receiving RFI's this winter.”

George Reed, CIO, Seven Corners

"As a very busy C level person, my time is very short and valuable, and when I encountered this Summit ,I first gave it a run a year ago. I was very impressed and gained a lot, thus I returned this year and the experience was a repeat, but only better. I have attended larger types of conferences and this conference enabled me to feel that the vendors were truly tuning in on what I was relaying or discussing in the one to one format. Being able to sit down and enter into a dialogue face to face was so much more beneficial. You almost felt that you gained a friend, not just another phone call in two weeks or a plethora of emails for follow up. It allowed both the provider and yourself to self assess and determine what the next steps would or should be. Or to part friends and keep their services in mind for future or discussion with other colleagues at your home base. Year three is on the horizon.....yes!!!! "

Robert Ross, SVP & CTO, Data Centers

"The Midtech summit proved to be of greater value to me than I had anticipated. The educational tracks, and vendor one on one interviews were beneficial. The peer to peer netowrking is always a plus in my book. I actually have others to contact and bounce ideas off."