Arctic Wolf


Arctic Wolf redefines the economics of security with a turnkey SOC-as-a-service that deploys in less than 60 minutes.  Concierge Security Engineers use the AWN Platform to provide tactical and strategic insights into your security to answer the question, “Am I safe?”  We lead the industry in making security simple, actionable and affordable for mid-market companies.

AWN CyberSOC eliminates the need to build your own SOC, which requires a SIEM, additional security products and security staff.  We fortify your security infrastructure with comprehensive “detection and response.”  We identify attacks that bypass perimeter defenses, such as advanced persistent threats and breaches due to human fallibility.  Hundreds of companies trust us to deliver insights without the noise and keep them safe. 





“My Arctic Wolf security engineer is truly an extension of my IT team, and has detected phishing attacks that bypassed our existing prevention tools twice in the first few weeks. I could not have achieved visibility into our security posture within my budget without Arctic Wolf.”
- Tim Johnson, Director of IT, Hornblower Cruises & Events

“The Arctic Wolf service is no muss no fuss. It deploys in about one hour, and the service has found issues our firewall missed. Our security engineer is top notch, and I consider him an extension of my IT team.”
- Glen Shapanka / Director of IT, Costa del Mar

“Compared to Arctic Wolf, Dell SecureWorks was overpriced, provided less services and used older technology. Arctic Wolf does everything Dell could and more for a fraction of the budget, and I am not sacrificing anything”
- Charles Muller / Director of IT, Threshold

“AWN CyberSOC is worth its weight in gold. For less than the cost of one full-time person, we get the services of an advanced state of the art security operations center.”
- Sean Merrell / Network Administrator, Stevens Aviation